Finally my book is in stock with Amazon and is now shipping within a couple of days after the order.  My readers are beginning to finish the book and I have been getting a lot of good feedback. So I have decided the story needs to continue. I am now developing two sequels and will start writing soon. At the end of “The Well House” I left the door open for a possible sequel but wasn’t sure if I wanted to put the effort in to continung the story.  With the positive response I have received, the sequels have started to take form in my brain. “The Well House Book 2: Jack’s Revenge” takes place about 7 years after the end of the first book.  If any readers have suggestions you would like to see in the sequels, let me know and maybe they will fit in.  Thank you to everyone who has purchased a paperback or downloaded the Kindle version.

That’s all for now. More later.



My book has been available for about 10 days on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.  I don’t know how many books have sold but I can tell from my rank moving up and down on Amazon that there is some action.  It takes awhile to get the numbers in so I just have to be patient.  One thing that has been frustrating is getting an inventory of books available at Amazon.  The listing was originally “Temporarily Out Of Stock”  but now it says “Usually ships in 2 to 3 weeks”.  I know the books have been printed because I already have 40 copies but I go directly through the publisher which must be faster.  I have learned that it is always slow in the beginning as Amazon meets the customers orders and tries to get an inventory. Anyway the book looks awesome and I have to compliment my publisher, Outskirts Press, for helping put out a first class project. more later.



I heard from my publisher that the book has been published. I go to Amazon and there it is but without the picture of the cover or the Kindle edition.  I am impatient to get the book readily available for sale but the good news is I ordered 20 books from the publisher at my author’s discounted price and they should arrive within 10 days. I can’t wait to get a real printed book in my hands with “The Well House” on the cover. I will keep you posted.



Today I submitted my final edited manuscript and my final book cover design to the publisher. I now wait until they put everything in the professional book format. I then review the galleys and once I approve the book will be put into production. I still think that the book will be ready by the end of February. I am now researching further marketing possibilities. I have one book club signing session and discussion set for June and hope to have more in the near future. I have had lots of support on this journey and am hoping that people will appreciate the book. Time will tell. That’s all for now.



I am a new author and have found the process of getting the manuscript published both daunting but extremely exciting. The editor has finished the editing and I have made final changes and additions to the manuscript. It is now ready to submit to the publishing company. I have also chosen the book cover, which I have included on this website. I am very excited about the cover because it perfectly captures the essence of the story. I conducted a poll of two book covers and the final cover was picked by 70% of those responding. Luckily the cover was also my favorite.

The process of marketing the book is another matter. I realize that writing a book and publishing is just the start of my journey. I have began to use twitter to form relationships with other authors and have really enjoyed the learning process. I posted my first book trailer video on YouTube and have had good response to the trailer. (The trailer is also posted on this website.) I am also using facebook to further market the novel by connecting with new friends and authors. All in all it has been a fun, learning process. I am now checking out websites where I can get reviews and have the novel listed for sale. The novel will be on Amazon as a digital download and a paperback. That’s all for now.

In the future I will share my experience with this publishing process in hopes of helping other new authors.



It was late summer in 1994 when I first saw the well house. I was returning from a court appearance where I represented a client in Adams County Court located in Brighton, Colorado. I was driving on Colorado Highway 85 headed back to my office when I spotted a little white well house with a red roof sitting next to a field of emerald green corn. The well house was a small building, about 5’x 5′ and 8′ tall. Of course with my strange imagination I thought it would really be amazing if I entered the well house and found a huge room. A story began to take shape in my mind and I wrote an outline, scribbled some notes about character’s names and wrote the prologue on a yellow legal pad. As the years went by I kept writing bits and pieces and the book began to take shape. After 7 different versions, it now stands at 41 chapters which includes the prologue and epilogue. It’s finally time to publish the novel and let the world read this story that has been a big part of my life since the seed was planted on that late summer day in 1994. My next step is to hire a professional editor and then publish. I don’t know who is out there that may read this but I will keep you posted as to my progress on this journey. If you have any comments or questions just write them in the Reply box and I will answer. I have included the prologue under chapter excerpts and some artwork under galleries which provide some insight to where this story goes. Also listen to the audio tracks under multimedia which I wrote and recorded as an interpretation of the story. I will talk about the novel, it’s characters and themes in future blogs if there is any interest.